Sunday, November 5

Lazy Sunday

Ahh...I love a lazy day.

We went to my brother's yesterday and lit a magnificent bonfire, er birthday cake for my dad. Sixty-four candles make quite a blaze.

I wasn't going to blog today, but Little O just corrected me. Her new passion is grilled cheese sandwiches. I just offered to make one for her brother, and it all became clear.

"No, mama, but you can make him a BOY cheese sandwich."

Apparently they are GIRL cheese sanwiches in her Little O brain.

tee hee.

Love my O's!


crse said...

Little O is freaking brilliant. You realize this right?

Jennifer said...

We grew up calling them "girl cheese" sandwiches, I finally had a light bulb moment when I was around 11-I used one of our family terms and realized as everyone looked at me puzzled, that it wasn't really a word, and realized we had many words that weren't words. The word in question was "furtchroom" which I realized in a flash must be "front-room".
I have 4 kids now, and I call it "girl cheese" on purpose, it brings back a homey feeling. That, and we always have to have canned fruit cocktail with it, that is how my mom served it...

Little O is very cute.

Jenny in Ca