Thursday, November 9

Thursday Thirteen #18 13 Circles of Heck.

Thirteen things JEN could have done without this week:

1. Phone message left on my voice mail at work: "this message is for Jennifer, this is blah blah, there was an incident on your son's walk home after school, blah blah blah, the paramedics are here...blah blah blah"

2. Call the school, and it turns out Big O was was bullied by two classmates, and when they began kicking his backpack (the kind on wheels), he threw a book at the bigger one. (This all began with them teasing him for reading a book as he walked home)

3. What should a big boy do, when a book is thrown at him, but knock the other boy to the ground and start kicking him in the face? I mean, really, what other choice did he have?

4. grrrrrrrr. So I come flying up to the school expecting the worst, I mean how can you not? Big O is in the Principal's office, and he has a giant goose egg on his forehead, and this huge dark line across his nose, and his eye looks like he might have a shiner. But you know what? He's fine. I mean, remember, I AM the queen of the worst case scenario, and at this point I am so grateful to see him whole and coherent I'm ready to cry. That is why this post is about the circles of Heck. Not Hell.

5. The School district police officer tells me that I really need to file a report with the City cops, especially if I am planning on pressing charges. He tells me that the PD has been called, but it may take a while.

6. The paramedics have me sign their paperwork and tell me I should still probably take him to the ER to be checked out. (Is this why people use ER's inappropriately? I asked if I couldn't just take him to his primary care physician, and the EMT was flummoxed. It had never occurred to him.) I couldn't get us in until the end of the day, but we were still out of the DR's about ten hours sooner than we would have been out of the ER.

7. Told the school I'd keep Big O home the next day, and waited for the cops. and waited and waited.finally decided that if we'd waited that long, Big O could probably hit the hay, cancelled the request.

8. The next day, called the cops to again have a report taken, and oh, right around 4 pm they finally showed, and then the cop tells me that this is nothing that they can help me with and why didn't I call the school district cops that day? THEY WERE CALLED, and they told me I needed to speak to you. At this point, the officer is climbing into his car. I had to force him to take my report! Big sigh. "All right, what happened." Um, would you like to talk to my son, since he was the one who was there? yeah, okay, go get him. sigh.

9. lovely. Then the school calls to tell me that Big O is being suspended right along with the boys, because HE was the aggressor, by way of throwing the book. The kicking of his backpack was not bodily contact--never mind the two on one. Big O initiated physical contact and escalated the situation. Five days.

10. The mother of the second boy dragged him to our house by the ear, absolutely horrified. He had not participated in the actual assault, and had been trying to get the other boy to stop. Mom wanted to hear from Big O that this was true, and not her son trying to make himself look better, and they wanted to check on Big O.

11. These are boys in Big O's Class. The big thuggy one that kicked him in the face was a guest at Big O's fourth grade birthday.

12. I am so grateful that it was not worse. I mean fall down on my knees, thank you lord baptist revival grateful. I am pissed that Big O is being treated the same as the other boy. and by the school district definition, why did they suspend the second boy at all? If the kicking of the backpack wasn't assault, then why is he involved at all? grrr grr grrr.

13. So I am now fighting with the school district. Guess what? Even after all of the stories in the news, no Bullying policy is in place at our school district. I feel better (still not great) about the suspension, I'm told it's what happens first before they look into expelling certain kids who have had other problems. Big O is totally disgusted that his karate never came into play. I feel bad for him on that score. We're gonna have his shi-fu work with him on that one....

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Becky said...

OMG! What a mess! I totally think your SON was NOT the aggressor since he got HURT! DUH!

Ugh..I used to be a teacher. I hate when you have to treat each child the same all the time. Sometimes there are circumstances that warrant some individual punishments.

Well, hopefully your son will be ok! Sorry for the mess!

amy said...

Hope you and your son are better soon

Pawpads said...

Dear God. What a week you've had. Hope it gets better.

bananas62 said...

Good for Big O!!! the fact he showed some stinking (not the word I want to use)bully. he wasn't going to take his abuse! I HATE BULLIES!!!
I know we try to teach our kids to walk away from crap like that(and I have said this time and time again to my girls), but sometimes you just gotta say what the hell, and give it back! I'm proud of him!!!! Maybe these little shits will leave him alone now...

And Jen, It's gonna get better! I promise!

Norma said...

If this is how your district handles problems, you should probably be grateful there is no bully policy. Punishing kids to defend themselves will only encourage the bullies (who'd probably love a suspension!). 2 cents said...

Well, I'm really glad it wasn't worse. I hope all these boys learned a lesson... though it sounds like your son was not at fault at all.

Sounds like a hectic week.

Sadie said...

Bless your heart. My husband is an Asst Principal and believe me we curse the "standards" all the time.

Happy TT!

Canada said...

un-fucking-believeable!!! That is horrible, and I cannot believe that Big O was suspended!! And for the same length of time. I would fight that tooth and nail. Hugs to you both.

crse said...

holy crap what a sack of garbage. Poor kid. Im glad he threw the damn book and Im also glad that mom dragged her kid over. Thats kind of cool!