Saturday, November 18


I found This story over at Suburban Turmoil. This has been a memory filled week!

One of my favorite stories about my mom involves teenism. The bad boyfriend came to dinner with Kat and I, and we were meeting my parents. The Waitress was VILE to us, as we had only ordered coffee until my folks got there. I mean literally THREW the creamers at us when she finally brought them, and stomped off.

Imagine our surprise when my parents got there, and she became bubbly and charming. It was a very Jekyll and Hyde moment. We told my folks about the transformation, and my mother mulled that over all through dinner. (Can I just say that The Italian Cottage in Redding was a staple of my childhood and I was deeply saddened to hear that they had closed. Man that Chicken Casserole was unbelievable, and nobody has sawdust on the floors anymore!)

When Dinner was over, this was the tip that my mother left:

(on the back of the check)

We hope that when Paula gets back to her kennel, her mother growls and snaps at her.

My mom is so quiet, especially next to my schmoozy outgoing father. I love her and her sneaky ways. She rocks with a subtlety that people sometimes miss completely.


Jennifer said...

oh gosh, that post made me laugh! How cool of your mom! I may think of wanting to say something like that, but never do...writing it was brilliant!-never would occur to me. I think it, but never do it..and then when something finally throws me off the edge to defend myself or just put someone in their place, I am so angry I make little sense, then I feel like an angry fool! I have a streak of bad temper that pops out every 4 years or so, and then I usually cry over it later...ugh. I guess I have issues?
I love that story, Your mom sounds neat.

Jenny in Ca

The "Mind" said...

Reminds me of the time I was very pregnant with my first and was home on vacation sans exhole. My parents let me have full use of their car, but I had to take my grandmother wherever she wanted to go. On one of those outings someone parked literally inches from the driver's side of my parent's car, so I had to get in the passenger seat and climb over the center console to drive.

Grandma, being ever so nice and polite (and completely pissed off that her very pregnant granddaughter had to perform circus style feats of flexibility to get in the car), left them a nice note on their windshield that really wasn't very nice.

To this day I laugh about that.

factor 10 said...

Jenny- I never think of replies until (minimum) two days later.

Mind- I love your grandmother more and more each day...

crse said...

You know? I have the worst luck with stuff like that. All I have to do to make sure I leave all my stuff including my credit card with my bank information behind, is to short change a tip. But go for all the moms and grandmas who put a stop to this kind of crap!

Sayre said...

Maybe when you're older, the mind comes up with retorts faster (and better). I find myself coming up with a gem from time to time now...

Love the idea of writing it on the back of the check! Management gets to see what their employees are doing then.

Anita said...

Thanks for the story! I loved what she wrote on the check, priceless.