Saturday, November 4

Guess what????

Do you have a relative that insists on giving your child whatever they want, despite any protestations from a parental unit?

Sometimes it just happens to be whatever the child has in their hands, not something they are throwing a fit over, or anything they are even particularly pining for.

My mom tells me to just be gracious, sometimes people need to feel like they have something to give. Okay.


That is how I got an 18" fake chicken. I like to think of it as a birthday present for Little O. As you can see, it has real feathers. In an effort to keep the feathers from ending up all over the house, I have put the bird in a place of honor that just happens to be high up. But as I blog now, I look up, and I see chicken butt. Posted by Picasa


The "Mind" said...

I cured Mom of that when she bought my oldest an obnoxious train that had horns and bells and lights and smoke that poured out of it. I sent it with him to her house one weekend she watched him for me. Bwhahahaha!

Jennifer said...

I like chickens, I own 5 real ones, but I've got to tell you that Mr. Rooster is alittle scary looking.

I also have sent a bag of toys over to my parents to keep in their guest room for my kids..told them I don't have room but would like to let the kids enjoy them still. I did notice less noisy toys the next christmas season!

Jenny in Ca

Sayre said...

This cracked me up! When my mom was young, she had a wind up record player with five disks. SUch timeless classics as "Camptown Ladies", "Eidel Weiss", "Pop goes the Weasel" and some other, equally-irritating songs. Guess what turned up at my house?

factor 10 said...

Ha! My mom waited twenty years for my auntie to have kids so she could pay her back for all the messy, noisy gifts she gave us. Her firstborn got a full mini-drum kit for his first birthday.

We get everything sent home with us. If Little O ate cookies, we get the rest of the package. If she gets into the china hutch full of knick knacks (and I repeatedly try to keep her out, but am shooed away by MIL), we're gonna get somebody's little plaster baptism statue sent home.

At least the bird is funny. Who gives a four year old a replica chicken? Little O, of course, adores it.

crse said...

Oh. My. God. Why did she have the chicken in the first place? Do you even want to know? This is an awesome awesome story...