Monday, May 7

How many years ago?

When Spiderman came out, we took Big O to see it on the big screen, and in the middle of the movie, I looked over to see how he liked it, and he was flashing his wrist up at the ceiling. It took me a minute to recognize that he was trying to get webs to come out.

Now he's almost a teenager, laughing at jokes that I think he probably shouldn't understand, and growing up. He has a new buddy, and this guy is into Pokemon, so Big O is totally back into it. I enjoy the dorkier side of my kid.
( I appreciate his wit, but he is still learning when he can BE flip. Know your audience, grasshopper--And don't push your luck.)

The other day, driving his buddy home, we passed some girls walking. Buddy rattled on about Pokemon, oblivious. Big O's head was firmly trained on the girls. On a swivel.


I am so not ready for this.

I am proud of the young man he is becoming, but I miss the little guy who panicked when he read "monster tacos" at Jack in the Box, and tried casting his own webs.

Girls? I am not ready for his heartaches and unrequited crushes. Who is going to explain sex to him?
Because it definitely should NOT be his father.

I'm just sayin'.


crse said...

Oh buddy, you just made my heart squish up. We went to see meet the robinsons last night because norm decided that Spiderman would be too violent to see on the big screen. I held him and cried for half the movie. Its gonna be ok friend. Just keep a hockey mask and machete close by to deal with the unrequited crushes....

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Oh I cannot even imagine the pre-teen/teenage years. Emma will be two in June, that's enough for me to take in right now so I don't even want to think about her being a teenager and all that comes with that!