Tuesday, May 29

Love those wings, baby!

Water Wings
Originally uploaded by asvensson.

We went to a surprise party for my niece's 16th (Gasp-sob, HOW can that child be sixteen?) today. We all parked down the block. I forgot Little O's goodies, and ran back to the car to fetch her stuff.

Apparently while I was gone she wandered through the house in her swimsuit, staring longingly at the pool. She told everyone she had to wait for me to get back with her hot wings.

Hope you all had a great holiday...


crse said...

Oh my god. How much do we love little O?

Mert said...

Heehee! Love that! I love me some hot wings too, but not the rubber ones. ;) I linked to you in my blog post today.

SNURLES!:D You're not tired of the snurgles yet are ya? Squee?

Anonymous said...

Hot wings. Too funny! I miss the kid-phrase days.