Monday, May 14

MMMMMust RRResist.....Don' t DO it, Jennifer!

Okay, nope, gotta be a harsh judgemental bitch about people in crisis.

So I just saw this blurb about the British couple vacationing in Portugal, who have lost their four year old daughter. Because they left her in the hotel room with her two year old siblings.


I feel like I have a certain license to speak, as I am currently PARENTING a four year old daughter. So I say again, WTF?

They went to dinner at the hotel restaurant, and left the kids alone in the room? I still get a twinge letting Big O watch her when I run to the market around the corner and he is eleven. What do you do if the hotel catches fire? What food is so important that you leave your kids alone ANYWHERE when the eldest is four? FOUR.

Now everyone is offering money to them to offer as rewards, and if it gets her back, bravo. But then you bring the almighty smackdown on them for leaving their children alone in a strange place, and make sure that they do not keep the leftover money, so they can breed more kids to lose.

I debate taking down my header about Darwin every once in a while, because I am not always about the ranting so much as the rambling, but you know what? These people are exactly what I was talking about.

Fucking unbelievable.


Mert said...

I was thinking about posting something about this... I was disgusted when I read this. Horrible.

I'm not saying that there aren't times that stupid thoughts like that don't enter my mind (Anna could watch my 2 yr old while I run to the store around the corner), but the pessimist that I am My mind always runs through the worst possible things that could happen and that's enough for me to think "Hell no, you idiot! What the hell were you thinking?"

AND so... I don't. It's amazing that they will still let any idiot reproduce, huh?

bananas62 said...

you wonder what the hell people are thinking whenthey become parents,, what happened to common sense... I myself would have prefered Room SERVICE!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

OMG, I can't believe I didn't hear about this!!! It's amazing to me these people think that kind of thing is ok!!!??! I never could bring myself to leave my daughter in the car while I run into a gas station or things like that and I know lots of people do that. I much prefer to be cautious and take the extra few minutes to take her out of her carseat and in with me!

People like that should not even have children...I'm just completely outraged and disgusted!

crse said...

Im the same way! I cant stand to leave my kids to pay for gas. If I have the kids and it doesnt have pay at the pump, I keep driving. I JUST started letting Norm go into the attached garage AFTER he tells me to get his popsicles. And thats only because he is a hyper-responsible five year old with the same anxieties as me!