Saturday, May 19

Sing it, Jimmy!

I heart Jimmy Carter for calling that boy on his shit.

I really was happy with Clinton in the White House, I guess I assume Boffing the interns was a given in any White House. Except for this man's house. He was probably the last occupant with true old world values. The last one EVER.


crse said...

I wish he wouldnt have said sorry.

sir jorge said...


Sayre said...

I loved Clinton as president too. I hired him to be my president, not my husband. As long as he did the job... I felt like the Monica thing was between him and Hillary and the press should have kept their noses out of it.

Mert said...

I ain't mad at Clinton, at least he was getting something from someone, cuz we all know Hillary is probably frigid. ;) I respect Clinton way more than I do the current joke.

I agree, Jimmy Carter ROCKS!