Thursday, May 17

The rating system...

Spilling green avaocado salsa all over your paperwork? 
Oh, that's about a Jennfactor 1.5. 
Doing it in front of a customer raises it to a 2.


Anonymous said...

Not noticing that you misspelled avocado until it has posted, when you cannot fix it until you get home?

That may raise it up to a 2.5



Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Hehe, that must not have a white shirt on because if you're anything like me, you'd have it all over your white shirt too! I can't wear white, I've come to that conclusion.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU. you are my true soul sister

Stewart Sternberg said...

Poor Carter. He came in at a time when the economy was crashing. Reeling. Some of it was the result of the Arab oil embargo. People tend to forget that. It was also a time when the country was recovering from Vietnam and from a corrupt Nixon administration. Confidence was at a low.

I sometimes feel Carter's was a misunderstood presidency. People tend to forget the frame of reference of a given presidency, forgetting the geopolitical elements that were at work.

I also remember that Carter was the first "born again" president. Funny how his religion never seemed to interfere with his job.