Saturday, May 5

Preschool Whorez

Bratz of the brat
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I hate Bratz. They have been banned from Little O's life, and let me tell ya, If I thought I could get away with banning Barbie, I probably would have. But every little girl loves barbies, and at least they pretend that she has occasional lapses of cognition. There are still a lot more dream date/beach babe/princess barbies than Dr./Lawyer/Veterenarian.

Bratz sink it to a whole new level. They have Baby Bratz! Diapers and Half shirts with Angelina Jolie lips painted blood red!

There are two posts that I really loved, that I am linking to.

Scholastic, the people who send out the book order forms into schools, have picked up Bratz as a brand, and are making little Bratz novellas.

Izzy Mom says it much better than I could.

The other link I am giving you is to a lovely movement called Moms for Modesty, because the fashion world insists on dressing our children like tiny adults. Or maybe like tiny video whores. There is no cause, ever, for a leather miniskirt in a size four. My only problem with this organization is that part of their mission statement is that it's unfair to boys for girls to dress provocatively, and that statement creeps me out. To me it condones the whole "she was dressed like a slut so she was asking for it" thing. They state very clearly that if you disagree with any part of their mission statement, they would prefer you not to display their stuff. So be it. But Moms for Modesty still has some very good things to say.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to Moms for Modesty. I appreciate you're sharing your thoughts about the part of the statement that concerns you. It's good to talk about it and gain a better understanding. I do welcome you to post the Moms for Modesty badge and sign the petition, including the caveat you shared here. Our collective voices, even with mild disagreement, are having an effect. I think the bottom line is that well all agree that children need to be children.

Best wishes,
Home of Moms for Modesty

Charles Sheehan-Miles said...

Bratz are banned in our for house for that very reason. Unfortunately, that had just increased the fascination for my six year old daughter.

Factor 10 said...

Thanks, Jules, I probably will...

Charles, I am terrified of that moment when she starts WANTING them. Right now I can distract her with Littlest Pet Shop or any shiny object,

TX Kat said...

Bratz are not allowed in our house either (even though my sister bought my daughter a video, which was promptly trashed by my hubby). We have had invites to 2 Bratz b-day parties in the last year, and DD is only 6!!! I personally hate Barbie, too, but maybe cos I never was blond with a big chest ... kidding aside, prefer to keep it on positive role models for girls/young ladies, no matter what they look like, but let's have it be about something OTHER than the way they LOOK!

Sayre said...

I was absolutely horrified when I picked up the paper today and discovered that there will be a Bratz MOVIE in theaters this summer. Yes. The end of the world is near.

My granddaughter loves them, and my stepson and his wife don't seem to have the brains to see what's wrong with them. Their kid is already pretty much a "doll" to them.

bananas62 said...

ok I am a horrible mom... Little G had them, while I agree, with everything you said.. However little G's love for bratz lasted only 1 Christmas and Birthday season... now she's moved on.. Thank God!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I'm with you on the modesty thing and Bratz/Barbie thing. I just can't see that being a good toy for young girls...any age girls for that matter. I also disagree with sending out any message to boys like "she asked for it" because that's a bunch of bull too.

crse said...

You know, we are trying to raise the boys with non-sexist role models in terms of toys and the only thing norm is not permitted to have is bratz. If you ask him he will tell you...bratz are for bratz!