Wednesday, October 10

Call the Pope!

Friends, I performed a miracle last night...
It saved a twelve year old's life.
Last night at Nine o'clock, as I was prepping everyone for the next day, Big O announced that the index cards he had assured me were taken care of, were, in fact, NOT in his school supplies.  Could I go get him some immediately, as he needed them for the next day.
It was the strangest sensation.  My brain cells were bursting like I had Pop Rocks in my head!  
Rather than begin beating him, I stalked to the nearest moving box and resumed my unpacking.  Moved the (never used) fondue pot, lifted up the markers, and there they were....  Obnoxious pastel index cards left over from my dippy ex-husband's college years--that's thirteen years ago, people.
I am so calling the Vatican. 


Bunny said...

That is a miracle! I last moved 9 years ago next month and I still haven't found everything! Opening a box and finding exactly what you need is indeed a miracle. Just tell them you prayed to Mother Theresa for assistance right before and you can help her case for sainthood. :)

crse said...

You are a rockstar my friend. I think you should write these little triumphs down for later reference. I think you will need them some day.

gretty said...

Just remember to use your new found powers for good. Well, mostly good ;)

Mert said...

It's nice to hear when a parent sacrifices their need and urge to bludgeon something all in the name of ... well sanity. ;)

Your son is very lucky to have survived LOL!