Monday, October 8

That Old Black Magic...

Car rides are the most fun thing EVER in my world right now.
Little O has discovered ten.
She has learned to add, and thinks it is a giggly magic trick each and every time you can give her an addition problem that she can figure out.  This presupposes that you are adding numbers no larger than five.  I forget occasionally and give her something like eight plus two.  There's a pause as she begins counting, she can even get the eight on two hands, but then she is stymied because she is out of hands.  I get the scold, but it's so funny.
How do I keep this magic alive?  Math is magic and fun, and I don't want her to lose that.  My mother loves math--the elegance and the straightforward answers.  She wanted to be a math teacher, but my grandmother laughed and told her she would never earn a decent living as a teacher, she would be a nurse, like her mother.  The math gene skipped a genereation--I am my father's daughter, and words are my enchantment.  Numbers are little sharp toothed gremlins, nipping at my heels. 
If Little O can have both Math and the Written Word, how glorious.  It's all stretched out in front of her.     


Bunny said...

Science Friday on NPR a few weeks ago was devoted to the topic of keeping girls interesting in math. In addition to profs and female mathletes, they had Danica McKellar on promoting her book "Math Doesn't Suck." Might be an interesting book for your daughter within a few years.

crse said...

I dont want to scare you off but maybe its time you created some romance with math. Its never too late. In the past ten years I reclaimed math for myself. I would make gill watch me while i did problems beause you know what? Math is elegant!

Mert said...

It's so wonderful that she is interested in math, very cool.

BTW, I love how you write... your paragraph about loving words was very descriptive, but I loved how the words seemed crisp to me.


PREM WEB said...


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