Monday, October 15

If Greg is dead and Chuck is gone, where will I get my Profanity?


Don't leave me, Chuck!

I swear I'll curse more!


FUCKING don't leave me here, Chuck!!!!!!

hmmm... now sounding very needy.


Kim is obviously going to have to post more often.

I need my fix. The mother of a preschooler and a twelve year old doesn't get to use her (ahem) more extended vocabulary very often... brace yourselves, my friends.


Irreverent Antisocial Intellectual said...

I'm not gone, just hidden. Email me your email address and you can get the key :-)

kim said...

She scared the fuck out of me too! I almost cried ...

and who the hell is greg?

crse said...

Oh thats a relief! Although you truly can cuss on my blog anytime!