Tuesday, October 16

Where were YOU in 1976?

The long weeks at the MIL's are worth it if you guys can see these kids.

Hey, it was 1976. I understand that. But during the moving process, I found my first grade year book from 1976, and we did NOT look like this. The Honey's younger sister is one of the only normal looking kids in this photo, so I feel no guilt in posting this kick ass seventies class picture. I love the super thick glasses kid and the intense looking blonde boy, both in the middle row. Diggin' the seventies hair all around. I could have kissed my MIL when she handed me this one.
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Maria said...

God, I am ancient. I was graduating from high school in 1976!

Mert said...

I love older photos like that too, except for when I'm in them LOL!

Ash said...

In 1976 my mother was 15 and in her first year of high school. I was just an egg waiting in her ovaries.

Hey, you asked.

gretty said...

I love the intense blond kid too! Great pic - thanks for the laugh!

Bunny said...

You know, I was JUST looking at my 3rd grade 1976 bicentennial-themed school picture - LOL!! I was in my Brownie uniform with an American flag background and a miniature Liberty Bell between my hands.

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