Friday, October 5

I wuz robbed.

So it's Customer Service Week!
We've had silly contests all week to qualify for daily prize drawings.
I was disqualified on Wednesday because of the rhyming answer to this question:
Someone who steals diapers.
Okay, if you want to be common and simple, you could say it's a diaper swiper. 
I thought  "Crap Napper" was a brilliant answer. 
They tell me it does not rhyme.
I know CRSE has my back on this one.  I didn't think we could USE the word diaper in the answer. 
I gave the air mattress back to Bre today to FORCE the Honey out of his mother's house and into ours.

1 comment:

crse said...

You KNOW i do because before i even read that about having your back, i thought wait thats not fair! Bastards! Happy freedom day friend!