Sunday, October 21

Sunday Quizfest - The disease test

That one was cheerfully stolen from Trauma Queen.

I am Rabies. Grrrrrrrr!
Which Horrible Affliction are you?
A Rum and Monkey disease.

Rabies? That one is on me.

A lovely feature has popped up that the fonts on my computer are frequently microscopic, so I couldn't READ any of the quizzes on blogthings to take one, so I guess it's just two today. Mert, I know you can tell me how to fix this...


On a totally unrelated note, while investigating the annoying noises made by the toity, I have learned a terrible fact. They say that the lovely bleach based drop in products used to cut down on actual scrubbing, will eventually destroy the innards of your toilet. Which makes sense, but--but--I am torn between the reduction of work NOW and the gradual replacement of all those PARTS in the toilet tank. Can't.stand.the.dripping. No more drop ins for me (Sob!)

hmmm.... I may need a life.


Maria said...

I'm rabies too...and not surprised.

God...toilets. Don't we all have love/hate relationships with them?

Ours only messes up when Bing (our toilet fixer) is out of town. It's a rule.

kim said...

are your toilets normal size? im going to do a whole post on the house that midgets built. seriously. my toilets are at least a foot closer to the floor than any other toilet ive ever sat on in my life. seriously.

Kal said...

I rent my flat, so while I'm responsible for keeping my toilet clean and shiny, I couldn't give two shits sideways about the inner workings. "Landlady? The toilet's broken, but very clean and lovely. Fix it!"

gretty said...

I'm Rickets. I didn't even know that existed anymore. How lame. (no pun intended)

Bunny said...

I was also Hawkeye Pierce, but then I was Bubonic Plague - I have no idea why I'm so lethal . . .

Jen said...

high five!
I'm rabies too

Mert said...

Yes I can tell you how to fix this... the next time you have a problem with font being too small on a page try this:

hold down the Ctrl button and then hit the plus sign in your number keypad. Keep hitting + until you get the size you need.