Friday, October 19


The sheer volume of little nitnoid things that I want to make this house mine is overwhelming.
Okay, I have some big ticket items on the list, as well.  
I want I want I want.
I'm poor I'm poor I'm poor.
whine whine whine.
Little O and I went to a birthday party last week, and I genuinely liked the mom.  She was warm and friendly, seemed bright, and NORMAL.  Which is good, as she's a new professor at the local university.  It gives me hope. 
Her daughter, whom my girl adores, was RUUUDE and NASTY to her own mother, and everyone laughed and acted charmed, as if she were just a spunky girl.  That's not spunk, people!  I can see where some of my issues with Little O have come from lately.  This is a newly six year old girl--Telling the single mom who is throwing her a kick ass birthday party to shut up and stop talking. 
It was the pop rocks all over again...


Mert said...

I know... want want need need. I'm the same way.

That little girl sounds like a real snot. I'm already at the stage where if Anna gets snotty with me in public, I get really loud and embarrassing.

John walks away, and Anna tries to hide under a clothing rack. it's good clean fun for the whole family!

kim said...

Yeah and its almost Christmas!!

I could drop my kids with a look. Anytime and anywhere, it was good healthy fear lol Of course that doesnt work with BT yet and I doubt it ever will!

Ive lost friends over my telling their children not to disrespect their parents in front of me. Ive also had friends thank me only to turn around and let them do it again :(