Friday, June 15

Bare walls and belly button lint. Now THAT's Appropriate.

Okay, I know I've been rant-y and bitter lately.  I know.
But we need to talk about the death row guy in Texas.
Have you heard about him?  It's very controversial that he wants to tell a joke for his Last words.  He's having a contest on his website, and he and his fellow inmates will choose the winner.
What was wrong with that last statement?
the. Fuck.
His WEBSITE?  He's on Death row for shooting 2 people point blank in a Texas field, and he gets to have a WEBSITE?  I have a little old blog, and I find it to be loads of fun.  Why  does this bastard get to host his own website? 
This is the point where I fail all of the "Are You A Flaming Liberal?" quizzes, because I understand that he's going to die, and that's a whole lot of punishment.  However. 
Do the people he killed get to play on a website until he dies?  No?  Then why should he? 
I believe in Capital punishment, and I believe that prison shouldn't be any fun.  Most especially if we have already determined that not only are you beyond redemption, you are so FAR beyond that you must die for your crimes.  I DO think we should not take twenty years to kill ya, but if you have to wait twenty years due to appeals and legalities, I am okay with it if you get bored in the interim.   
If you want to tell a joke for your last words, fine.  It's your last choice.  Should you be covered by the media if you choose to do so?  Nope.  If it were me, I'd do a question and answer type joke, and die without revealing the answer. 


Mert said...

Ugh... I'm pro capital punishment too, though I can barely spell it ;)

I agree with you 100%... why wait to kill them and cost the tax payers more money?

I would like to see them die "eye for an eye" style though... or with a horrible nerve agent. Yeah, that's the ticket. I'm jaded.

I believe that once you end up on death row, which BTW means that you are not able to be rehabilitated and are getting a deserving sentence to fit your crime... you give up all of your constitutional rights.

Sure, there probably are a few people on death row who don't deserve to be there... but harsher laws wold make a difference in this country.

crse said...

Im not pro capital punishment at all but I hear you. This man makes me sick. I think our whole prison system is shoddy. I think if we actually embraced the "throw away the key" policy, capital punishment would lose its efficacy as a deterrant because death would be a release. I look at it this way. If someone screws with my family, I want to kill them myself. I dont think anyone who wasnt personally affected by the crime should have to carry the burden of taking that life. Im not saying in general, im saying if I was related to the victim. I LOVE Mert's "natural consequence" idea! Im so on the same page about why does he have a website when there are law abiding people who could not afford a computer? What an ass...

ZigZagMan said...

I am pro capital the point that I support puplic executions.

In fairness.....this guy does not own his own website....he has a buddy on the outside that owns it and hosts it for him......It was on the cnn website or google news a week or so ago.

Thats not to say I don't think like you, he'sa complete jag for this isea!! :)

I'll see if I can find the link.

ZigZagMan said...

Here is the article I was reading on this.........and yes...he is a total jag......:)

And yes.....spellcheck is not my friend!! :)

Factor 10 said...

Thanks, Zig, I feel bettah knowing he doesn't get to play online!