Friday, June 22

Nectar of the GODS, people...

Homemade tamales (not by ME, thank you) so spicy they BURN, and a cup of hot coffee is the ULTIMATE California Breakfast.  I heart the tamale lady.
On an unrelated note, why do city planners torture me so?
If you decide that parking lots in parks are bad, for some reason, and decide that no one can ever park there again, RECLAIM them for the park.  Don't leave them paved and beautiful, sitting empty, so I stare longingly at them as I lug all of our shite to the baseball game.
At some point, and I'm sure it has to do with the crime rate, our lovely city planners decided to block off 98% of the parking for the city parks.  I can, I guess, live with this if it means we miss the crunch of crack vials beneath our shoes.  But don't rub my nose in the fact that there USED to be parking here-- Plant something, for frick's sake. 

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Mert said...

I haven't had a tomale in far too long. I do make some decent enchiladas and I'm tp lazy to make tomales. If I could find a decent place here I'd be all over it.