Friday, June 1

shut up, you whiny beeyatch.

Isn't Jon Bon Jovi too old to be played on the radio still?
Bon Jovi was a great hair band of the eighties, I'll grant you that.
Whatever the fuck the song that is out now is called, it is the.most.annoying.whiny.draggging-that-freaking-vowel-out-until-it's-good-and-dead.noise.
NOISE, I tell you.
I want to put a  pencil through my eardrum when I realize he's about to start whining again.   
Our AM radio station goes sports in the afternoon, now.
We're back to the alterna-pop station.
Why can't stations play more than fourteen songs in a day?
(It's on AGAIN)
kill me now


Terra said...

LOL, I love JBJ but, you're right. That kind of music shouldn't be coming out of his mouth!

The "Mind" said...

Why is that song like that? It's because they are playing it on the country radio stations. JBJ is one of the newest crossovers. Ugh.

I hate country music. I am tortured with it for 7 hours a day being at work. And JBJ crossing over isn't helping.

Thank GOB I have my own volume knob.

crse said...

Sigh. I miss hair bands. Not so much bon jovi, but definitely hair bands....

Pendullum said...

owwwwwww!!! Best Bon Jovi 'owww' to be accentuated by my laughter at your expence!!!

Wolfbernz said...

Amen to that! Noise loud aweful noise... Yuck