Sunday, July 15

Can we talk?

The Dick Cheney Memorial Thanksgiving Sweet Potato
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Two items today--

Does anyone else have craptastic dial up and use AOL?

When I venture to read a news story from AOL, there are always comments at the bottom, and they are always apalling. They are spewing venom, or bagging on the previous commentor's spelling or assumed nationality. Why have comments there at all? Isn't that what you start a blog for? It's full of crazies, man.

Speaking of a big box of crazy, my Wednesday Hero posts are a pre fab service provided by a lovely individual who does them free of charge. I appreciate this. From time to time I wander through the WH blogroll to visit other people honoring our troops and those that suppport them. The other day I came across someone bagging on the LiveEarth (wasn't that it?) concerts and how bad THEY were for the environment, even IF she believed in global warming, which she didn't. HUH?
I haven't watched An Inconvenient Truth, I have yet to see a single Michael Moore movie, but who DOESN'T think global warming is for real, anymore? I had just assumed it was politicians not wanting to admit it, so they wouldn't have to support any proactive measures. There are still people who don't think it's happening? Are these the same people who claim the Holocaust was faked? I don't go on people's blogs and attack their positions, but I was dying to ask her some questions.


gretty said...

Holy crap! I just spit iced tea all over my keyboard seeing that sweet potato.

crse said...

Ok see, I think live earth was bad too but i do believe in global warming! Im just saying is all...