Monday, July 23

flying fish rainbow

flying fish rainbow
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I found this picture on Flickr, and I love it. I would hang that up in my house, and it would make me happy. Seriously. Sometimes Watercolors just GET to me, and simple gets to me much more than busy frenetic stuff.

I was originally looking for a picture to go with a pithy post about the children's book, "The Rainbow Fish."

I bought a mobile of the fish from this book before Big O was born. Oh.My.God. My son loved that mobile. CRSE, maybe you can tell me if it's bad that my son's first word he used with any regularity was not mama or dada, it was FISSSSS. Fisss. He loved those sparkly fish. I bought a board book version at the same time, and yeah, I get that it's about how good it feels to share, and giving is good.

I get that.

But it leaves me with the feeling that the rainbow fish bought friends. I hated that book. The mobile is long gone, but Little O just found the book and we read it, and ten years later, I still hate that book.

But MAN, do I love this picture!


crse said...

OH MY GOD, can there be more evidence of our soul connection! Ive been shunned for YEARS for expressing this sentiment! You are the first person EVER to see the real story! I Heart My Jennfactor!

Factor 10 said...

Thank you. He totally buys them, one scale at a time.

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