Sunday, July 8

Why can't I title anything?

I've added several blogs that I have been stalking for a while, and then just reverse alphabetized the whole thing, so if you notice that I've stopped visiting for a while, it may be that I have lost you in the shuffle.

Okay, seriously, why can't I title anything?

We've got a whole lot of nothing going on--oh, except that I just got a call from a realtor who is representing my property owner in the sale of my home, would I like to buy it? If I could tack on another bedroom, sure, I'd love to. But my credit sucks ass, and there is no way in hell I'm going to be able to get into anything on this side of town for the bargain rate I'm paying now. Not even to rent.

I do not want to move in with the Honey's mother, as much as I like her. I went down that path with my first marriage, and living with Mama Dina would mean essentially living with all of them. I can't do it.

I don't want to go to the TOUGH side of town--BIg O is NOT prepared for that. Little O's preschool is right before I get on the freeway to go to work. I am beautifully situated, even if my four year old sleeps in our room. I can suck it up for this zip code, but my finances can't. I want to cry.


Mert said...

'm so sorry, that really sucks! Want to come live with me in Iowa? ;) I only have 2 bedrooms but we could make it work LOL!

I hope you can find something soon that meets all of your needs.

I know what you mean about neighborhoods and your child not being prepared. I have the same fear. They rezone the town I live in, and Anna is supposed to start 1st grade in the rough part of town.

The school itself is very nice, it's brand new.. I just think she isn't prepared for the element of children that live in that area... they all look pretty tough. We applied to have her transferred but heard from a lady on the school board- off the record- that the are taking the transfer applications but aren't planning on actually putting the through. Which amounts to a lie doesn't it? Giving people false hope?

kim said...

wow ...that sucks jen :(
dont worry it wont sell fast ... i hear the real estate market has bottomed out and they cant give shit away right now! try those places along plymouth behind arco ... some of those places are really cute and not too pricey? call me i know the property mgmt company over there

i say leave em all and bring the kids here ... ??

ZigZagMan said...

I was having trouble sunday getting the title to work in blogger as seemed to clear up if I just waited and wrote the post...and went back to the title....

Sorry to hear about the move lass

crse said...

Oh sweetie, if its any consolation, sometimes people buy rental houses just for the income, so you won't have to move. What you might consider is waiting about six months and when it doesn't sell, ask the owner if he'd be interested in a land-contract deal where you continue to pay the rent (at the price you pay now of course) and it applies as a rent to own thing. If people get desperate, they are willing to consider ANYTHING!!! Good luck sweetie (and I have four bedrooms and a finished basement so come on up!)