Tuesday, July 3


Hang up your cell phone.

I can't be any clearer.

If you would like customer service, stop talking on your cell phone. It's hard enough hearing you through my plexiglass spit shield, without you mumbling asides to me throughout your animated cell phone conversation.

Learn some fucking manners.

...and brush your teeth. That was nasty.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about that, folks, just needed to get it off of my chest before I killed something. Postal service hain't got NUTHIN' on me.


Mama en Fuego said...

Did she have a little dog in her purse too?

gretty said...

I saw her too! She kept swerving her giant ass SUV into my lane as she continued her phone conversation.

kim said...

you crack me the fuck up! i so miss you jen *big hugs* and happy 4th!

crse said...

Oh man, remember that list you did that time about things you'd love to say but can't? You need to write a book!

Mert said...


I <3 you