Tuesday, August 28

...And we're back.

I read the blogs of the parents whose children strive for A's. Who cry when the dreaded B appears. Then there is my eldest, who sadly takes after his mother and finds ANYTHING else to do when homework is due. It hasn't been a WEEK, people. Huge blue stamp in the handy planner required by school....ASSIGNMENT NOT TURNED IN.

It hasn't been a WEEK. Foolish me for not checking this thing Friday night when I got him back from his lame-O/touchy feely/let's do affirmations father. Um, how about doing affirmations while you CHECK HIS WORK?

I am going to be on my poor kid like white on rice. We WILL develop some kind of discipline before high school. He HAS to go to college. Or become a plumber. Who will buy me pudding when I'm old?



While you are contemplating my life under the bridge at seventy, go peek at this site to see why I am going to Hell. It makes me laugh. Maybe I should write a letter.


Bunny said...

The plumber route may be your best bet. College grads can still have trouble finding lucrative work. I've never heard of an out-of-work plumber.

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Maria said...

I hate being the homework hound. We have a rule at our house. All homework is done as soon as Liv gets home from school. She hates it, but she does it. She also has to practice her piano after that.

And then she can call her friends, play with Webkins or watch TV.

I fel like such a bitch sometimes, but I have learned from experience that if I let her wait until after dinner, she is suddenly dead tired.

Luckily, they don't get much homework in third grade.

And Bing SUCKS at making her do homework when I'm not at home. I need to have a talk with her....

crse said...

Site ROCKS! I was going to offer consolation sweetie and tell you that i was the same way. But looking at my paycheck as well as the 19 unwritten notes DUE IN 3 HOURS I thought it might not actually support my case! Um...i did get a few degrees? With honors? Does that help at all?