Wednesday, August 22

WTF Wedsnesday is Back with a Vengance

My landlord rented my tiny two bedroom house out from under me, while I was scraping together the deposit.
I am back to square one.
How did I find out?  The landlord called to see if I could get out two days early.
I said no problem, since I was renting another house from them, just waiting to get the deposit together. 
Really?  Which house? 
Blah de blah blah way... No, that's already been rented. 
Yeah, to ME. 
No, someone is moving in as we speak.
My moving problems were solved, mentally I was already planning Little O's birthday celebration in October.


gretty said...

That SUCKS!!!! I am livid on your behalf!

Bunny said...

That sucks so bad!! I can't even imagine how much that must piss you off.

crse said...

THAT. FUCKER. Im totally sending house finding karma your way baby...

Ash said...