Thursday, August 2

Like Buttah.

My children get the shaft. 
I KNOW I don't do enough fun things with them, I KNOW I don't take advantage of "teaching moments" and impart my wisdom.
On the days my mommy guilt gets to be too much, we do something simple with the ingredients on hand.  Last night it was cookies.
I told Little O we'd make sugar cookies, from scratch, and roll 'em out.  Needless to say, she was very excited. 
"Let's make them NOW, mama." 
"We have to wait for the buter to get soft, Baby."
"Soft like furry hair?"
I love my O's.


Ash said...

Dude, the mommy guilt gets me every single freaking day. I'm not spending enough alone time with Leila, I'm putting Lexi in her bouncer too often...I'm not, I'm not, I'm not.....

cripes, how I hate the guilt!

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Oh you are so singing my song. Doesn't the mommy guilt kill you sometimes? I go through the same thing with mine.

...that comment about the butter is really precious.

crse said...

Soft like furry hair..... How much do i heart little o!