Saturday, August 4

This could be bad.

Guitar Hero
Originally uploaded by kushana.

He's already kicking my ASS, but Big O and I are about to spend some quality time.

Guess what I got him for his birthday?

If only this translated into real-world musical skillz.

It's SO on. As long as I'm in training mode. Very slowly.


Gimme that guitar, kid.


crse said...

Oh sister, I tried to talk my husband into wanting xbox 360 just so i could get guitar hero after playing at a friend's. He thinks he would lose me to the dark powers of guitar.

Factor 10 said...

"WE" as a family have had a PS2 for four years. I didn't hook it up to the living room TV for the Eye-toy (That was close one). Big O had this one out of the box for about 45 minutes before we brought it to the "Big" tv in the living room. I may have to force him to switch to eye-toy just to redeem myself. He and the Honey kicked my butt last night!

Maria said...

I am carefully looking over my shoulder to make sure that Bing and Liv (the two musicians of the house) do NOT see this post....

Bunny said...

Careful - don't want to mess up your pitching arm ala Joel Zumaya!