Wednesday, August 8

Because that's how we roll in the 209...

I've talked about the working girls that troll the area around my work.
But let's really TALK.
Our girls are ROUGH around the edges--and in the middle.  I was describing the latest fashion choice I'd observed when my manager shared another story from a few years ago.  At another job in the area, they were getting a shiny new building.  She was kidding with the architect, and told him his drawing was beautiful, but he had forgotten to draw in the hookers.  He looked her in the eye and told her that he had lived all around the world, in major cities in Europe AND third world countries.  He then added that he had never before seen such tired, ugly, tore-up lookin' working girls in any of his previous homes.  He'd spent years in Mexico City, and we were the very bottom of the barrel in the world of prostitution.  Bre says when her Midwest friends come out, she makes sure they drive down Wilson Way, and spot the hookers.  But at least Wilson Way has the fresh ones.  Here next to the truck stop, we get the road dogs.   Bre has been flashed some truly apalling visuals--skirts and shirts lifted, dirty deeds done in mime to try and entice the trucker stuck in traffic behind her.  I don't know why I never see these.  I think I don't ever look away from the cars--easier to stay in my happy place.  Bre says a lot of the truckers look a little green when they are flashed, too. 
Our area is like the big hair trap, catching the last few as they circle the drain. 
Ah, civic pride, Central Valley style.


Queen of Dysfunction said...

Have you ever heard what a lot of economists call our area? The Nation's Ghetto. It has been said and written by people much smarter than myself that for work, income, affordability, unemployment, drugs, crime and all those other joys, the Central Valley has every other region in the U.S. beat.

Sucks. Because there's some really nice parts too.

crse said...

Ha! Amateurs, we were placed second place in the nation for cities beyond the point of recovery. Our hookers are so sad they even stopped trying. Its pretty bad when you have to say, "she'd be not half bad of a hooker, if she just put a little lipstick on!"

Bunny said...

We've got some skanky ass hos here in the midwest too. I used to live in Detroit - that was just scary. Here in my town, they don't even bother to dress up, wear make-up, have teeth, or shower.

Ours do apparently have some standards though - one was lauded not long ago for contacting the police immediately when a regular customer wanted her to help him procure a child to abuse. She worked with the cops to bring this serial child molester down. A hooker with a heart.

Maria said...

I never dis hookers. I used to. And then, I actually talked to one and suddenly it just wasn't funny anymore.

Like everyone in every situation, there are the bottom feeders and those who just have such sad lives.

The young ones are the ones who break my heart.