Monday, August 27

Hoagies and Grinders, Hoagies and Grinders...

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Big O loves his new junior high, and I know it's only been a few days, but it's such a refreshing change from last year.

As a seventh grader, he is taking Engineering and Criminal Law/Ethics as his two electives. I hope the euphoria doesn't fade away altogether.

He called me on his second day (It was his Dad's week) to tell me that he got his PE locker, and he hated it.
My heart just sank--I thought he hated changing in front of everyone (hmmm, project much?). Then he went on to say that everyone hated it, because only like three kids could open their lockers. He hated the LOCKER, not PE. Oh, just wait, son....

The picture is apropos of nothing, I just made it from a toy I found at Michelle's

Bre lent me the best of Adam Sandler, and I thought Big O would love it--ack. There was a whoooole lot more innapropriate stuff than I remembered. Bre sent it to my house because I could remember the lunch lady song easily, but I had no recollection of Chris Farley AS the lunch lady. Those were some HIGH kicks!


Ash said...

I'm looking for the thing at michelle's(dont you love her?) but I can find it, whats up?

Factor 10 said...

Her bubble thing from led me to That's where I found the museum thingy.

(and I do luvs me some michelle!)

Mert said...

I <3 Michelle too!

I love Lunch Lady Land! Also Farley doing the Chippendale's audition with Swayze... Love it!

Your son has really picked some interesting classes for his age, very cool. :)

crse said...

Awww good for big O! Thats so cute. Now im worried about norm being afraid to change....he is kind of well endowed. I hope that helps.