Tuesday, September 11

Another reason to rue the day...

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Blog friends are a strange phenomenon. Most you've never met, and never will. But they have let you into some small part of their lives, and even if you are a shy lurker, they affect you with their writing and (for me) their humor.

This red dress is in honor of Greg Beck, a man I never met, but whose writing made me feel like I had. I feel like a dork for getting misty eyed over someone I never met, but there ya go. I will miss his wicked, profanity laced take on every day stupidity, his ghost stories, and his insight.

The girl in the picture is moving out of the frame--hopefully on to something wonderful. Here's hoping Greg has done the same.
Rest in Peace


crse said...

See, if loving you guys to the point that I would mourn your loss makes me a dork, than Im really good with that. (i know, it is certainly not the scale tipper on my dork-o-meter but still...) Jenn, that was an awesome tribute. My heart goes out to you for feeling this loss. I hope he moved on to something better too...

Factor 10 said...

Ah, CRSE I would bawl like a baby if I lost one of my Girls. We have a two way friendship.

I feel kinda dorky because I was more stalker-fan than buddy. I was positively giddy the two times that he commented on my blog. I guess I feel like an Elvis fan. He was my bloggy Elvis.

Maria said...

What a fantastic idea! I think I would love the same thing. Women in low cut red dresses at my funeral. (Well, not my sisters...ewww.)

Nice tribute.