Monday, September 17

EEEEEEEVIL lurks among us.

Still packing.

Mailman just came.

Little O is home with me today.


Remember when all of the seventies bands had secretly sold their souls to the devil, and everyone played records (HA! RECORDS!!) backwards to hear the evil messages... C'mon, this wasn't just a Seventh Day Adventist thing, right?

Well friends I am here to tell you there is a new source of EEEEEvil in the world, cleverly disguised as wholesome girl power fun. I used to be a part of it.

The mailman brought us our first ever American Girl Catalog today.

Good Hell. (Thanks, Maria.)

Eighty-seven dollars per doll, with each accessory being sold separately. And there are pages and pages of accessories.

I love the modern American Girl books. The crafty ones, the ones about puberty, and hygiene. The historical books are....alright. I used to host American Girl parties at the bookstore. For the most part, they were a hoot.

This catalog is so very very wrong. Little O is pouring over it, it is her new bible and best friend all rolled into one. Shit, she just found the matching pajamas for girl and doll.

Evil in a 60 page catalog.

Good Hell.


crse said...

Oh no friend. It was in every religion designed to scare the bejesus out of every child in america. Remember KISS was "knights in satan's service"? Yeah thats what the lovely SBC called them. (hey doesnt that stand for Secretly Brainwashing Children instead of Southern Baptist Church?) Once again friend, you are confirming my theory that while girls do not eat as much, they find other ways to suck away your money....

Bunny said...

We went to the American Girl store in Chicago once. I don't think any girl walked out of that store without spending at least $250 of mom and dad's $$. Scary. I hope my daughter never finds out about these dolls and their swag.

Mert said...

Yup, I always try to throw it right into the trash when it comes here. Anna drools and whines, No way am i spending that much on plastic.

Lucy said...

I miss 70's bands and record players.

Got the new AG catalog today. Mira and Gwennie have already circled their "Santa" picks--TGFN (thank God for Nana).

BTW--at the Chicago AG store, moms, daughters and dolls were wearing matching clothes--EEWWWW!

Anonymous said...

Would you pay $100 for a hand-held computer game for your son? Then why won't you spend the same for your daughter? You never know until your daughter gets the doll exactly how much she is going to play with it (same for hand-held computer games) but many girls get a phenomenal amount of play value out of their American Girls dolls (or Maplelea Girl dolls in Canada). If you calculate the cost per hour of play, for many girls these dolls can be some of the best money a parent could ever spend. Furthermore, the values put forth by Amercian Girl and Maplelea Girls is far better than what comes with a Bratz doll.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. My daughter has a canadian girl doll. She found the magazine one day and BAAMM!!! she has been obsessed with it ever since. She loves Jenna, it even looks just like her. My son has an x box 360 so why not spend some money on my daughter? She loves her doll and has so many outfits for it that she has even bought herself :) I love them. They were a great way of keeping my 12 year old girl a child for longer before the boys make up and parties.