Wednesday, September 12

Descent into Madness...

You think I'm talking about moving?

Hell, no.

Hi, my name is Jen, and I am a birthday-holic.

Hi Jen.

Yes, friends, that time is almost upon us. We alternate years here. An even year means Big gets a party, odds are reserved for Little O. (If I ever have a third, I am screwed on several levels.)

Little O was enchanted with the Alien masks we made for Big O's party last year. Being a soon to be five year old girl, however, as well as being MY daughter, Little O had to bring it up a notch (Okay, that might have been me). But the theme is totally on her. It started out very simply. Then Cade at daycare told her he did not want a GIRLY mask. So I found a boy thing. But for the mask to work, the ears were going to have to be attached separately, and would spin.

It's HER birthday, for Pete's sake. The boys can't have something COOLER than the girls.

Which is how I ended up making thirty-two tissue paper flowers (and counting).


My name is Jen. I'm a birthday-holic.


Mert said...

Nothing wrong with being a birthday-holic :D I hope she has a wonderful day!

That little boy ... I hate it when kids are freaking demanding at parties. Little snot balls are getting free cake and ice cream and they still want more. Pffft.

Maria said...

That is a whole helluva lot of paper flowers, girl.

I would be a babbling idiot about now if I had done that....

kim said...


crse said...

Seriously, I may have asked last year but have you thought about doing this for a living?