Friday, September 7

This Ulcer is brought to you by the letter Dubya

I will quit my job to campaign for the candidate that promises swift and terrible retribution for things like THIS.

Soldiers are being maimed and killed because we don't allow the GOOD body armor, even if sent from home, and you KNOW not all of the humvees were sent over properly equipped. I know there isn't anything we can do to take that back.

But the fuckers in that Rolling Stone article should be prosecuted. Villified. Could we spend oh, say, one tenth of Paris Hilton's airtime on something that matters? Can we see a story about how the staggering debt we've incurred is residing in these men's pockets?

(This article was stolen from Some Guy's Blog. No, really--Some Guy's Blog.)


They are finally at least naming that poor baby in Portugal's parents as suspects. I'd say yay, but I can't really find an upside to the loss of an innocent. Justice, I suppose, but that really remains to be seen, doesn't it? UGH.


sir jorge said...

I'm usually a republican, but I can't believe stuff like this happens...i didn't vote for W...i'm still disappointed.

crse said...

It does suck mean weenies. I will join you on the trail. Have you been following the portugal thing? Seriously? Call me naive? But I dont think they did it. I think it was stupid and sucky to leave the kids but i dont think they killed her. I cant figure out how they could have and cleaned everything up in the time line. But this is why i could never be on a jury. I dont think my doubt is actualy reasonable. Know what i mean?