Thursday, September 27


  • oh, Posole, how you betray me... Posole is the version of Menudo where they DON'T use internal organs...nature's filters are just not something I am interested in eating.  Imagine my horror to discover that my beloved posole (and I could be spelling that ALL wrong, people.) begins with a big pot of Pig's ears boiling on the stove.  GAAAHHHH.  It was even better when a sister in law pulled one out of her soup and the inside base of it was darker.  I know it was probably just a spotted pig.  I know that.   I couldn't help but tell a niece that it made me think the secret posole ingredient was porcine ear wax.  The preggers sis at the party turned to me and THANKED me for that image...sorry!
  • There's no Place like home... My issues with other people's showers continue.  Maria, Nirand can come to my house, because he scrubs the shower, which I think is lovely.  I am about to do that at my MIL's, and I hope she thinks it's nice, and not snotty.  We've been there a week now, so hopefully she'll think it's just us being helpful, not me freaking out at the teeming legion of cooties I imagine every time I step in.   I want desperately to make her house nicer for our staying there.  But she does not throw ANYTHING away.  Remember when I said I would be the little old lady my kids would have to dig out from teetering piles of newspapers?    MIL has three heaters in her tiny bathroom.  Only one is plugged in.  The other two are stacked on top of each other.  I just threw out scads of stuff at my old house, I am totally in the search and destroy mode.   I could give her so much more ROOM!  We could ORGANIZE! We could re-arrange furniture!  How snotty is that, to offer your house and then the Wedda wants to CHANGE it.  I could be paranoid...
  • No blogging means more time for books...Currently?  Reading an interesting mix of romance/fiction.  The Secret of the Pink Carnation, by Lauren Willig.  I am enjoying it, but not a lot of time to read (boo!!) and next up is The BookThief, by whoever wrote it--takes place in Nazi Germany, so I expect it will be a  little darker (ya think?) but I am totally looking forward to it.
  • No blogging won't last much longer because I'm pining away for all of the stories I am NOT reading.
  • The MAN still blocking damn near everything at work.  Damn the Man.
  • TV? no clue.  I can tell you that I am increasingly disturbed by the lack of brown people on Spanish TV.  The only "Indian" looking mexicans portrayed are comic figures so stereotyped, it's almost minstrel-like.  The soap operas are full of blond anglo looking women so full of silicone and collagen they are almost parodies, too.  It's astonishing that ANY little Latina girls are making it to adulthood with their self esteem intact.  Nobody looks like Selma Hayek, or Penelope Cruz, or Eva Longoria, even.  Everyone looks like Blonde Streetwalking Barbie.  How can there be more beautiful latina looking women on American TV than on Spanish TV?  As the mother of a beautiful dark haired, dark eyed girl, it's really pissing me off.  We won't even go into the hooched out fashion and hooched out women posing as half naked school girls.  grrr....grrrr....grrrr 
That's all I've got, kids!
Missing you all....


Bunny said...

Go ahead and scrub the shower. If she's like me, your MIL will know, realistically, that you're grossed out by the skanky shower, but will put that in the back of her mind and just say "What a sweet girl, helping out with the cleaning."

That's what I do when my MIL starts cleaning my house. Just don't clean anything too personal. When I was in the hospital, my MIL stayed at my house and apparently decided to clean my bedroom. We haven't figured out if she threw out the "personal massagers" (wink, wink), moved them to a better place than my sock drawer and we just haven't found 'em, or kept them for herself. Perhaps we don't want to know.

SQT said...

No Salma Hayeks on Spanish TV? What they hell is wrong with those people?

My daughter is a dark haired-dark eyed beauty too. At least we seem to like them here in the U.S.

crse said...

I think your in-laws have to secretly love you. I know if you were my SIL i would adore you!