Tuesday, September 18

Mini Me

Last night I asked Little O to bring me my crack Starbuck's cup from the other room.

She ran to get it, and when she hit the living room, she paused, held it up and sang "Ahhh-AHHHHH!"

Oh, my bloggy friends, what have I done? This is sooooo my move. Down to the holding it up as if a light was shining down from the clouds.

I was dying.

I asked Little O what that was about, and she says,

"It's the Magic of Coffee, Mama."

If she ever stopped talking to take a breath, and did not demand active participation in her conversations these days, I would keep her home instead of sending her to Preschool, today.

Love my O's.


Mert said...

OMG with the cuteness! i can just picture it :D

crse said...

Norm has been drinking black coffee since he was 7 months old (courtesy of grammy) I think this is a very proud mom moment!