Friday, September 21

It is done.

I am moved out of my ghetto hovel (sob!).
I will not be getting my deposit back.  Even though the carpets had lived through several tenants before us, including a long stint with a rottweiller, we finished 'em off.
After five years, they cannot charge me for painting, which it also desperately needed even before we moved in.
But in spite of those facts, I am sure they will keep my entire deposit.  They sent me a letter telling me they were going to bill me for the tree service required to take care of the tree in front, in spite of the fact that I have a letter I faxed to them TWO YEARS AGO advising them that the tree needed some love.
Now we're waiting on the eviction of the flaky tenant living in my (future) house.  I figure I'll be in around October 9th. 
So I've got 2 1/2 weeks with the MIL. 
Wish me luck.


Jen said...

2 1/2 weeks with the MIL?

I wouldn't survive 2 1/2
minutes with mine...

Mert said...

WOW, bud... I'm sorry that bites. I'll be sending Mad Mojo and Happy Vibes your way.

I don't even know what that means but it sure sounded good ;)

qofd said...

Good luck. Make sure to keep well stocked up on Jack Daniels.

Bunny said...

That's a long time with in-laws. I couldn't do it. If you do make it without killing anyone, you'll be my new hero.

Liquor is the key here, I'm sure of it.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the eviction to go smoothly so you can move in!!!

crse said...

If anyone can do it, you can baby. Im glad you are out. ANd im glad you are going to the "good place" after the eviction. You are right? anyway, i freaking hate the landlords and general shittiness. It seems that all rental laws are designed to specifically protect the assholes, whether they are tenants or landlords...