Tuesday, September 4

Time has stopped.....

The MAN has completely blocked blogs at work.
The radio STILL plays Jon Bon Jovi every two hours.
Still no home in sight, and it's two weeks til we are outta there.  Have I packed?  Anything? 
So what do you do when you stop at the market with your spanish speaking mother in law and she stops to speak to every.single.person. in the produce section, while you are itching to go? 
Okay, I'll have to wait until I get home to show you.  Let me just say that there are only 26 letters in the alphabet for Little O and I to make out of twist ties.  We did them twice.


crse said...

Is it sick that im excited about potential twist tie pictures?

kim said...

those fuckers

SQT said...

I hate The Man.