Friday, June 13

Still no internets...ack!

But here's a little Little O to get you through...
She's been spending time with her big big brother and Guitar Hero... 
Last night she starts dancing around her grandmother's house, shaking her butt and singing,
"IIII wanna rock and roll all niiiiiiight, and probably every day!"
Love my O's.

Tuesday, June 10

All hail the gods of Influenza!

Never again will I mock the powers of Influenza.
Nor will I moan in healthy superiority about the neediness of a man in the grips of Influenza, thus incurring the wrath and subsequent vomitous mockery of the gods of Influenza.
Sweet Jeebus, what a weekend.

Tuesday, June 3

So the big party was a big success...

I surprised The Honey for his Fortieth birthday.
One of his big loves is baseball, so I had everyone meet us at a Ports game.  (The Ports are our minor league team affiliated with the Oakland A's.)
I sent tickets to everyone, and managed to keep it a secret until about ten minutes before, when two of his sisters called me to confess that they had lost their tickets. Fourteen between the two households!)  grrr... grrr...   I had extras, but I could have traded them in for other games.  There were three families that RSVP'd and didn't show, and I'd like to ask THEM for my tickets back.  How tacky would THAT be?
So I had about sixty of his favorite people there to watch the game, and I think a good time was had by all.  I didn't remind people to bring coats for after the sun set, but I am not their momma, so what can you do?  I had a jersey made up for the Honey with his last name and the number forty, and he got a game ball signed by all of the Ports players.    
I never want to keep a secret from the Honey for that long EVER.  He's my best friend, and the one I talk to about everything, and sweet jeebus, his friends and family were giving me blog fodder for days and I couldn't use it or share with him! 
On a dreadful side note, my mouse has died at home, and freaking DELL sent me a laptop mouse to replace it.  WRONG--Although if they'd like to send me a laptop to go with their mouse, I'm totally game.  ;)