Wednesday, December 22

The gardener is in the details....

How we got there, I do not know, but this evening Little O and I found ourselves discussing evolution versus creationism.

Wow. Just wow.

Which is why all of the smart monkeys kept hanging out together, making EVEN SMARTER baby monkeys, who eventually used the bible as an allegorical companion demonstrating the consequences of both good AND poor decision making.

"Mama, I totally know an example of a bad decision in the bible."


"Yes. God had a special tree and said to leave it alone, but...the gardener, I think it was, didn't and he told his wife to try it."

Huh. What lesson do you think we should get from that?

"Mama, it's all about respect! If it's not yours then you shouldn't touch it, especially if GOD tells you to leave it alone!"