Sunday, February 11

But then something like This happens

It just restores my faith in humanity and gives me hope.

Remember when I told you to hurry and send valentines for the troops? To a lady in Georgia? The neatest thing has happened to her. She got picked for the TV show Home Team, and got into a house for her family of six. She was chosen because of all the ways that she works to help the troops and their families. Awesome.

Good people doing great work, with no expectation of re-imbursement or reward, getting the reward of a lifetime. SO go and read about Kat, and feel better about the state of the world.

(I can't wait to tell the girls at work that this is who we sent our valentines to--some of them looked at me like I was crazy when I asked them to fill out a random valentine to a complete stranger!)


crse said...

I dont want to sound completely cheesy, but i think you are such a good person and i really admire you.

Factor 10 said...

hee. CRSE, I work for the garbage company. What was it you do again?
But thank you and I love ya.

Kat (in TX) said...

Fantastic! I missed the cutoff for her valentine's collection. It's awesome what she's doing and that she was recognized by Home Team.