Monday, February 5

One of my favorite redheads.

Pick a Peck of Pickled Peppers
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One of my fondest high school memories, and one of the only parties I went to in high school, involved my friend Lolly. We knew of our host only vaguely, but he was turning eighteen the following week and his father was throwing him out. His decision to throw a full scale par-tay the weekend before seemed perfectly logical. I have to add that he was a band geek, so it wasn't exactly animal house, but the alcohol was flowing freely.

We wandered drunkenly from room to room, following our girlfriend who WAS a music department hanger-on, getting more and more bored. Lolly, who didn't have a shy bone in her body, raided his fridge and made herself a sandwich. As she was about to dig in, our host challenged her as to why she was eating a sandwich in his kitchen.
She was a fabulous talker and somehow managed to challenge him to a pepper eating contest, based upon the huge jar of peppers she had seen in their fridge.
It was high spectacle, and they were jumping up and down, fanning their mouths. They had tears streaming down their faces, but were too drunk to throw in the towel. Finally he was about as green as the peppers and declared no more--and went running for the bathroom.
Lots of screaming and laughing later, Lolly had my arm in a death grip.
"We gotta go. NOW."

She had been dropping peppers in her shirt, into plants, they were everywhere from her hopping around and "fanning herself." We figured she had stopped about twenty peppers before the host, and it was only a matter of time until she was caught.

Good times.

Wherever you are, I love you, Lolly. You dirty little cheater.


Sayre said...

Oh, oh, oh! My sides hurt!!!!

crse said...

man i heart lolly. I hope she is in a good place!