Wednesday, February 7

Thursday 13 # 26?

13 songs that are pure emotive songs--instantly trigger SOME kinda reaction!

1) Back In Black--AC/DC. My first reaction? where is my drink? I should have a drink in my hand!

2) VooDoo--Godsmack. First thought? Take off your pants! (If ever there were a chill inducing/let's be bad song, that would be it)

3) Whiskey Lullaby- Brad Paisley and (I think) Allison Krause. Such a beautiful melancholy song.

4) Brick House--Another "where's my drink" song. This one also makes me think that maybe I CAN dance, maybe everyone dances badly and I'm just self concious. This is bad.

5) All Star--Smashmouth. Happy happy happy- This was the first song Big O ever claimed as "his" song.

6) Master of Puppets--Metallica. Drive. Faster--FASTER! FasterI'mdrivingI'mdriiiivingsoFAAAAST.

7) Bad--U2, thank you, NOT Michael Jackson. This song is pure emotion to me and will level me out where ever I am on the emotional richter scale.

8) Zombie--The Cranberries. Another song that is so purely emotive to me--it came on teh radio and spurred this week's list.

9) 1812 Overture. --with live cannons. My family took a trip to Oregon and in our punch drunk state, came up with "Tongue-ducting". Yeah, it's as Dorky as it sounds.

10) Baby Seat--Barenaked Ladies. the chorus? "You can't live your life in the baby seat. You've got to stand on your own, don't admit defeat."

11) Alchemy of Love--Michelle Shocked. "Silence is Golden, Words are made of Lead, and in the alchemy of love, you know, some things are better left unsaid"

12)Consequences--Robert Cray. "I was smoking and drinkin' and thinkin' when you walked by. The next thing I knew, I was makin' up my alibi."

13) Shotgun--Southern Culture on the Skids. "You cannot BUY true love, but you can shoot it's ass."

Yeah, kind of a mixed bag.
What's the song that gets to you? linkies from my blog and Dorkbloggers seem to be connected. interesting.

I will attempt to actually list your links! Mr linky bettah give me some love, or gimme my moolah back!


Laughing Muse said...

I now feel VERY out of touch. (I recognize four of those groups / singers. Four. And that's counting the 1812 overture [with cannon! yeah!!])

I think I shall go curl into a ball and whimper now...

ancsweetnsassygal said...

I only recognize a few groups/artists also. I do remember Brick House. It's definitely a 'get on your feet and boogie' song. Two of my favorites is Kiss This by Aaron Tippen and Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman. Both are great when you are mad at a man and want to tell him off.

she said...

I'm with you 100% on Zombie but my list would have to also include

Burn - The Cure

Adagio in D (especially as found on the Platoon soundtrack)

Mad World - Sacre

Walking in Memphis - Marc Cohn.

Going Home (New World Symphony) - any pipe band

Flower of Scotland - The Corries
Leaving on a jet plane - Peter, Paul and Mary

Lightning Crashes - Live

Unwell - Matchbox Twenty

Song for the Mira - Anne Murray

50 Mission Cap - Tragically Hip

Wow - I almost made a complete list of 13 there ...

bananas62 said...

right now.. they only song that would come close for me... is

DK said...

Thanks for stopping by - LOVED your comment! I'm always a bit afraid of seeming "half a bubble off plumb" with some of my readers, but I never worry about that with you!:) Your list was great! I adore AC/DC; my 17 year old nephew is trying to teach me "Back in Black" on my guitar. He's a brave kid. At the moment I'm really into Mad World by some guy whose name I can't remember; it's featured on the commercial for the x-box 360 game FEAR.
Have a great week, and Happy TTing!

~ Stacy ~ said...

#1 - So totally true! I crave Miller Lite every time I hear AC/DC. ...And I can't even stand that stuff anymore. I'm a Heineken gal nowadays.

#3 - Makes me wanna cry

#4 - Ah, yeah. This one makes me want to do a Saturday Night Fever disco kinda dance. Shhhh, don't tell anyone I said that, K?

#5 - LOVE IT! Definitely with you on the 'happy'. [grin]

Great list!

I'm a sucker for Irish Rebel music, myself. The lyrics and haunting melodies go straight to my heart, often moving me to sympathetic tears.

Otherwise, I absolutely love Van Morrison. He soothes my soul, baby! ;)

Hope your Thursday is a good one!

Raggedy said...

Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
I liked your descriptions after the tunes..
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Sparky Duck said...

1812 needs to have the cannons, its a let down without it. Back in Black and Zombie would make me wanna kick some ass

Jill said...

For the songs that i know, it's a really go list!!
For me some of the songs would be Clumsy by our LadyPeace(cuz I,m just clumsy!!) and Iris from Goo goo Dolls!! This song can be seen in so many ways!!