Thursday, February 22

Is this blog for real?

I think this is a marketing blog.
It was nominated for a perfect post in January, for the third (or so) post on the blog, a debate about whether or not our fifteen year old heroine should take the new HPV vaccine.  I think it's all a shill for this vaccine.
The premise is that she was orphaned in the 9/11 attacks, losing both her mother and her older brother.  Father fell out of their life years ago.  The trauma of 9/11 subsequently killed her grandmother, and now she and her two younger sisters are cared for, reluctantly, by their aunt.  Her shrink suggested that she blog open letters to her 9/11 mother.
  • She has a poignant story about asking the reporters for the Chelsea Clinton-hands off policy.  Except that she was NINE.  What nine year old has any CLUE about the press' treatment of the first daughter that was initiated the year they were BORN?
  • In addition, this kid has perfect grammar and spelling.  She has an excellent command of the language, never lapses into text-ese or other common mistakes.  Is it just the edumacation system in California that sucks so badly?  Because I know THIRTY-year-olds that make more errors on their blogs than this child.  
  • After a SECOND mention of the HPV vaccine, she started a courtship with the most popular boy in her peer group, who has now announced that he wants to see her exclusively--but there's a catch.  She has to put out, because he has needs, you see. 
I'm telling you, this is all a marketing ploy for the HPV vaccine, and I find it sooo offensive that they would cash in on the 9/11 tragedy to shill their stuff.
As the mother of teenage girls, what do you think? Could your teen write this clearly?  I'm doing eleven-year-old homework help, so maybe I am out of touch. 
 Is the guy who nominated it for a perfect post in marketing, himself?


crse said...

Ok fakeblogate continues! We need to flush her out. But how?

SpanishGoth said...

Just a suggestion but indicative of the way my mind works - post links to 'her' site on Chinese/Korean/Japanese blogs, stand back and laugh heartily.