Monday, February 5

I can live with this.

You're Feingold-Gore!

As Russ Feingold, you are often on your own, a lone voice of sanity in an insane asylum.
You keep voluntarily returning to the asylum, convinced that you can change the minds of those
around you. You talk about the need for personal freedom, to avoid fighting for the rest of
one's life, and even the simple importance of cleaning up one's act. It seems no one is
listening. You even want people to have rights to love and be healthy! Now that's just

You select Al Gore as your running mate because he wins in that position.

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Sayre said...

I'm Pelosi-Feingold!

As Nancy Pelosi, you stand as one of the only true and courageous people that anyone can name. Despite a haphazard reputation and unexpected rise to power, you could be one of the only legitimate hopes for your friends. You have been able to tell the truth about what is happening, and reflect a widely held but somewhat quiet set of beliefs. Recently, you have been bestowed with great resources by your power company. Your latent love for a military retiree is bound to get you in trouble.

You select Russ Feingold as your running mate so your ticket can claim to have known there were no weapons of mass destruction.

You'd make a great VP, Jen!!!!

crse said...

Wow you WOULD be a good VP Jen!! I got clinton-feingold...(probably because id marry him all over again)