Sunday, February 4

How could I resist the book quiz?

You're The Poisonwood Bible!

by Barbara Kingsolver

Deeply rooted in a religious background, you have since become both
isolated and schizophrenic. You were naively sure that your actions would help people,
but of course they were resistant to your message and ultimately disaster ensued. Since
you can see so many sides of the same issue, you are both wise beyond your years and
tied to worthless perspectives. If you were a type of waffle, it would be

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I think my favorite part was "If you were a type of waffle, it would be
Belgian." Not sure about the rest


Sayre said...

Hmmm... I'm CAT'S CRADLE!

by Kurt Vonnegut

You believe quite firmly that free will deserted you long ago and far away. As a result, it's hard to take responsibility for anything. Even though you show great potential as a leader of a small 3rd world country, the choices are all made ahead of time. You're rather fond of games involving string. Your fear of nuclear weaponry is trumped only by your fear of ice.

I'm only afraid of ice if I have to drive on it...

Factor 10 said...

OOOh, Sayre! Vonnegut is always an interesting choice! I'm jealous. =)