Sunday, February 11

There is a blog out there. Fairly new. Supposedly written by a fifteen year old. A fifteen year old essentially raised by feral cats since 9/11. I'm not going to link to it, because I could be wrong, maybe I have no faith in people. Maybe it's only California's edumacation system that sucks pondwater so badly. There is no way in hell that a fifteen year old is writing this thing. Every fifteen year old I've ever known has grammar issues. Hell, most thirty year olds have SOME grammar issues. They spell things poorly. They use basic words. Top that off with being raised by a neglectful aunt for the last six years? No. Way.

Driving me Nucking Futs. I can't tell--is it a shill for the new HPV vaccine? It's bugging me, and now I lurk trying to figure out what is wrong. Because something IS wrong with this blog.

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crse said...

i need to see this blog. Just like I need to stare at traffic accidents....its a compulsion