Friday, February 16

Okay, drama update.

I'm always glad that I can look Big O in the eye and tell him honestly that I did everything I could to try and make it work with his father. The Honey is taking a hard look at his behavior, and has agreed to counseling, so we'll ride this pony a little while longer. I have hope, but I want to see some follow through. If this does go south, I want to be able to look Little O in the eye, as well.
Follow through. That's what I'm looking for.


Sayre said...

Good luck, Jen. That he's willing to work on things is a big step in the right direction. If this is what you want, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

I have been in a relationship where my husband was suspicious of EVERY male I came in contact with (including my father - how sick is THAT????), and I just couldn't take it... I had to leave. But we didn't have children, so it was a pretty clean break. I don't even know if that guy is alive any more (he was always about to die of a heart attack and I sort of hope he just got one with it already).

Factor 10 said...

Thanks, Sayre.
It's going to be interesting, because he was just blown away--he actually thought that we had a damn near perfect relationship. I can see where I gave him that impression, because I just rolled over during conflict, and I DO see where that was misleading.
But if we can get to counseling, maybe I will learn to stand up for myself beter and we can figure out what makes him so angry--because his dad wasn't like this at all(even he agrees).

bananas62 said...

Wishing you the best of luck but you know it takes make things work.!!! I'm on your side regardless of your decision!