Sunday, February 4

This site was made for my Sisters-in Law.

I'm cruising the PayPerPost opportunities, and there's another one!

The sponsor of this post would like you to know that this is a sponsored post. I'm not sure I can be much clearer about that.

My former sister-in-law watched Passions. So does one of my current sisters-in-law. I truly don't get the whole witch with a tiny person as a living doll cheesy fires of hell thing. But I DO get Ugly Betty. It's on at the same time as CSI, thanks to an early prime-time set up on our local CBS affiliate, so I may be checking in with their site,

Soap Operas

I appreciate that they include Ugly Betty, but I hope that they will include the other shows we all watch--I checked for ya, CRSE, Dirt is not covered, so far. If they had a split, daytime versus nighttime thing, I'd probably live there. I always have to miss Veronica Mars, and the Honey screwed me over in my attempt to record Heroes the other night. I AM a TV junkie, I know that it's not cool to admit. I should declare that all TV is crap and turning us into a nation of drooling idiots, but that's rap music (Kidding). I love the idiot box in every form except for infomercials and TV sign offs. And televised Golf.

Now if they had a Spanish version for all of my Other sisters-in-law's Novelas, we'd have all the bases covered....


crse said...

I. Love. Tv. i have to start tivoing ugly betty...and you know they replay heroes on sci-fi later in the week? Ive not seen it forever because i get too stressed waiting for the episodes so i have to ti-vo a bunch and watch them all at once or i get too freaked waiting for the next one!

Sayre said...

I don't have the patience to watch regular TV anymore. I tape some things from work, but then I watch while I'm working and fastforward through commercials. Just sitting and watching doesn't work for me anymore - and I almost never watch TV at home unless there's a giant pile of ironing to do.

My taped shows: Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Men in Trees, Boston Legal, Desperate Housewives.

Factor 10 said...


I resist the lure of cable, but sci-fi channel makes me weak...I know I'm missing good stuff.

Like Ugly Betty, LOOOOVE Boston Legal, love Grey's anatomy--Men in Trees is on during ER, so I'll watch it if ER is a rerun. The honey secretly likes chick flicks, and Desperate Housewives is really HIS show, but "he" knows that "I" get upset if "I" miss it, so we watch. I like it, but it's not "my" show. It's soooo his.

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