Sunday, February 4

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The TMI Me-Me
10 Firsts

1. First best friend – Roseanna Huffman-the first in a series of redheads that I surrounded myself with. Right now is a wierd time in my life, because I have no redhead. First time since Roseanna in the First Grade. Maybe that's not true, I still have Kat via internet...

2. First car – The GRASLUG. That was the license plate on my gray VW Diesel Rabbit. I drove that car into the GROUND. I made a bi-weekly seven hour trip to my parents' house to do laundry. For a year. It was old and tired when I inherited it from my mom. I loved that car.

3. First love – Kevin Robertson. Our parents played pinochle and we played Star Wars. My first real kiss. Dark dark brown eyes. I still adore brown eyes.

4. First vacation – Aw, jeez, probably summers at my grandparent's house in Snohomish, Washington. My grandma Mickey made everything without sugar, dried fruit by the bushel--homemade fruitroll was awful, but I think I lived those summers on dried apples. And homemade Blackberry cobbler--berries picked by yours truly.

5. First job – Inventory taker for my sister-in-law's dad. Getting up at the crack of dawn to drive up to some grocery store in the mountains, being too shy to speak, just counting and getting out of there. Stupid Video games that call out numbers as I'm counting toothbrushes-screwed me up every time.

6. First piercing – Thirteen. My parents were raised Seventh Day Adventist, which, back in the day, meant no jewelry or makeup--my mom got hers pierced two weeks after me. I look at SDA people today, and I can tell things have changed!

7. First concert – Powerstation! Whooohooo! ack. But Jeni's dad dropped us off, and it was finally a concert, so I didn't care!

8. First record/cd bought – Record was Doctor, Doctor by Robert Palmer. Technically I traded a smurfette figurine, but it was the first record I pursued. The First CD was Unforgettable Fire, by U2, to play on my dad's crazy new contraption, the CD player. Still the one album I cannot live without.

9. First real love – "oh this is hard. define real. define first. define love."
Thank you for that, CRSE--I couldn't have said it any better.

10. First screen name – Still using it!

9 Latest

1. Latest alcoholic beverage – A sip of the Honey's tequila and squirt last night.

2. Latest car ride – DRiving home from teh in-laws last night.

3. Latest movie watched – Talladega Nights. Not my favorite, but it had some moments...

4. Latest phone call made – Hmmm. Musta been to teh Honey on my way to the in-laws last night.

5. Latest jacuzzi bath – No jacuzzi bath I can recollect, but Friday I had a bubble bath just for me, let Big O watch his sister and --this is truly amazing--didn't get little O in there to talk to me once.

6. Latest played cd – The Shrek 2 kareoke CD--Still Little O's favorite. kill me now.

7. Latest time you cried – When I thought my car had died. One of those last straw moments. I think I terrified the customers in the window.

8. Latest meal – Pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Breakfast food of the Gods.

9. Latest curse – I believe I called a certain party that shall remain nameless a stupid m*therf*cker because they overreacted to an innocent question.

8 Things You Wear
Im assuming this doesnt mean all at once but things you tend to wear...

1. Glasses/contacts
2. funny socks
3. jeans
4. hoodie sweatshirts
5. Skirts in the summertime, because pants are hard to find long enough.
6. My bracelet with photos of the kids when they were little.
7. A confused look.
8. My engagement ring.

7 Have You Ever

1. Dated one of your best friends – Yup.

2. Been arrested – Nope … but there’s still time, right? (lisa said this and im keeping it)(Crse said that and I'm keeping them both!)

3. Fallen in love at first sight – nope.

4. Been in a TV program – I once demonstrated that even a child can perform CPR. I think I was eight or nine. Thanks, dad--Channel seven better not have that in their archives anywhere.

5. Had your heart broken – Yup.

6. Said you love someone without meaning it – Does it count that on Wednesday I asked a customer "how can I love you", instead of "How can I help you?"?

7. Made a prank phone call - Not unless you count terrified hang ups to the boys I thought were dreamy in the 9th grade.

6 Things You’ve Done Today

1. Fixed a breakfast for the Honey.
2. Realized that I had NOT, in fact, killed the new dryer, I just had it on the wrong setting.
3. Vowed to get more accomplished today than yesterday.
4. Surfed blogs at BlogMad.
5. Read the latest at postsecret.
6. Read blogs.

5 Favorite Things

1. The logic my children use to figure things out.

2. The Honey when he's funny.

3. Kids quiet in another room, good coffee in hand, curled up on a couch, catching up with Jen.

4. Same as above, with my mom.

5. Any dinner at my brother's house.

4 People I Can Tell Anything

1. Jen

2. Bre

3. Kim

4. True Wife Confessions

3 Choices

1. Black or white? Black
2. Summer or winter? Summer but really spring. I like the bright greens.
3. Chocolate or chips? Chocolate chips.

2 things to do Before You Die

1. See a shuttle launch.

2. Babysit my grandchildren.

1 Thing You Regret

1. Not finishing school.

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